Unlocking Potential, Igniting Passion, Inspiring Faith

We understand how hard it can be to find the right school. We are parents too, wanting the best for our kids, so we created a place where they can thrive and be themselves.

At Lake Travis Christian Academy, we embrace each child’s unique genius, providing an educational experience that is individually paced and centered around their personal goals and interests.

Our project-based learning approach allows students to explore their passions in a growth-minded environment, ensuring that they are not just heard, but deeply understood.

By fostering independence and nurturing individual talents and callings, we help every learner not only achieve academic success but also flourish in their personal development, laying the foundation for making a positive difference in the world around them.​

Accredited Excellence in Personalized Education

Tailored Learning For Your Child

Spark Studio
(Ages 4-6):

Igniting a love for learning in young minds with a focus on foundational skills and creative exploration.

Elementary Studio
(Ages 7-11):

Fostering curiosity and independent learning through hands-on projects and collaborative activities.

Middle Studio
(Ages 11-13):

Preparing adolescents for future challenges with goal-setting, self-led learning, and exploration of personal callings through apprenticeships.

Launch Pad
(Ages 14-18):

Guiding teenagers towards their passions and future goals with project-based learning and real-world skill development.

Here’s Your Next Step

Schedule A Tour

Learn more about the school and introduce yourselves to the Lake Travis Christian Academy family through the audition process.

School Starts

Your child begins to experience the joy of learning in an environment designed just for them.

Prepared For The Future

Equipped with the academics they need and their God-given talents shining, your child is ready to accept the next challenge in life.